Brick And Mortar Business Use SEO For Business

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how people find you on the internet. When someone is searching on the internet, they will type in certain keywords in a search bar like Google or Yahoo or Bing. Those keywords will lead them to your site IF you used those exact keywords when you posted to your blog. For example, if you type in stress relief, you see there are 46 million results for that exact keyword. If I type in ‘stress relief holidays’ it finds 3.3 million sites. If you describe it even more, ‘stress relief Christmas holidays 2012′ you would see 1.6 million results. What I am saying is the more you describe the title of your blog using descriptive keywords, the less competition you have. That means the more business you have or people visiting your site.

SEO is being pro-active when designing your blog and writing your blog posts. It is a way to increase traffic to your site using the search engines.

A blog can be based on having a brick and mortar business or a service business that would like the phone to ring by transferring their business to an online presence. You can use the keywords ‘transfer business online’ as a keyword or keyword phrase. But sometimes those specific keywords get mixed up with a business that wants to transfer money online. That means you would have to work harder to get folks to come to your site.

The domain name you choose for your business should include keywords that are relevant to your business. They should be keywords that potential customers will type in the search bar to find you to answer their problem. The best place to find domains is Go Daddy. On their site is a small search box that anyone can type in keyword rich domain ideas to see if it is available for no charge and no commitment. Most people think they can come up with a great name only to see that someone else has already purchased it. The dot com is the most popular rather than the dot org, dot net, etc.

Remember to use the keywords as your page names too. When entering a new post in a WordPress blog, look at the top next to the title. You will see ‘permalink’ where you can ‘edit’ the title of your blog posts. Make sure you edit your title of your post to include your keywords. This, too, will help your SEO.

The idea is to grow your business online. You can do that through SEO by using keywords for your niche. What keywords are you using to get customers to your blog?

Student Business Ideas You Can Fit in Your Busy High School Schedule

Many entrepreneurs didn’t wait to finish school to start their first business, and as a student there’s nothing stopping you from starting your own business while on high school. The best student business ideas you can fit on your busy high school schedule are often those that involve the Internet and minimize start-up costs.

Affiliate Marketing

It is possible to make a full time income from successfully promoting affiliate products, but as a student you’ll probably want to keep this part time so it doesn’t affect your studies. As a high school student you probably are well aware of what’s in at a certain point of time, and can leverage that knowledge to create websites that promote hot products to adults or to felling students. Creating and maintaining your own website will also give you some insight into always useful IT skills and online security, traits that are welcome by many potential employers.

Benefits: It’s passive income, so you can do the bulk of your work during your holidays and let your website run on auto-pilot when you are busy with exams.

Online Writing

Many well-known bloggers are actually young people, and one of the reasons for that is probably that new fashion and technological trends are often embraced by high school students quicker than by anybody else. If you enjoy writing you could monetize a blog using affiliate products or Google Ads, write paid reviews or even create a YouTube channel with your videos. If you are interested in studying Journalism or Communication, having an active blog can show potential colleges that you have the skills to become a great communicator, even if you are still on high school.

Benefits: You can manage your writing and just take a break when you are busy, or write your posts in advance and schedule them when you feel more creative.


If you are a good student you may want to leverage that and offer tutoring to younger students who need a hand with their studies. Many parents will be happy to pay good amounts of money to help their offspring improve their exam results, and if you are good at organizing and teaching you can make a tidy sum off this. If you want to bring tutoring to the next level consider starting a local tutoring business, where you put in touch parents and potential tutors, and ask your school for help promoting this service. Many schools are affected by how their pupils perform on critical exams, so if you can organize a network of potential tutors they can recommend to parents you could get a lot of free promotion.

Benefits: It will help your people and organization skills, along with showing your communicative abilities. And your parents will love this line of work.

4 Reasons Why You Must Have A Business Mentor

Getting yourself a business mentor is the best way to fast track your business to profits. Sure you may be able to do it on your own but chances are it will take you much longer than it would if you had a mentor to guide you along the way.

Here are 4 reasons why you should get yourself a business mentor:

1. Save Yourself a Boat Load of Time and Money

A mentor has “been there and done that”. They have valuable expertise from years of experience that they will share with you. You can use them to your advantage by asking them for suggestions on the things you need to do on your online business to be successful. Your mentor can guide you in the right direction so that you won’t make the same mistakes that they did in the past. This will make your business profitable in a much shorter amount of time than if you did it all on your own without guidance. You don’t have to go through the dreaded trial and error process.

2. Different Perspective

When you run your own business, a lot of times you are so focused on your immediate business plan that you fail to see your businesses long term projection. Your mentor can use their experience of knowing what works and what doesn’t and then lead you in the right direction.

3. Accountability

It’s one thing to write out a list of your business goals on a piece of paper but to actually get them competed is another story. New things pop up everyday in business that will distract you and push you off your path to success. Your mentor will keep you in check and keep you on that path.

4. Learn Different Marketing Methods

Your business mentor can help you out with different marketing methods including Internet marketing methods. The Internet is a great way to get your business out to the world. Before the Internet, business owners could only succeed through word of mouth or by paying high advertising fees. With the Internet, the costs can be very low considering you can advertise your business to people around the globe. In fact with proper SEO practices you can reach people for free.

Finding a good business mentor can be the difference between whether your business succeeds or not. Think about it – if you have never been somewhere before, doesn’t it make sense to get directions from someone who has?